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Use the Directory to find members alphabetically by name or use the box below to search for a member directly. There are 91 Big Sky Science members.

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user iconDevon FlammProject ParticipantCrow Agency Elementary
user iconMike FlammProject ParticipantHardin Middle School
user iconDiane FriendCo-PI, Project ParticipantUniversity of Montana
user iconElizabeth GolembiewskiProject ParticipantDeSmet School
user iconIrene GrimbergProject ParticipantMontana State University
user iconEdith GummerProject Evaluator, Project GuestNational Science Foundation
user iconRose GuruleProject ParticipantSalish Kootenai College
user iconJessica HaanProject ParticipantBillings Public Schools
user iconBrad HalfpapProject ParticipantUniversity of Montana
user iconShawna HalseyProject ParticipantMorin Elementary School
user iconFaith Ann HeinschProject Professional Developer, Project ParticipantUniversity of Montana
user iconDoris HillHardin Public Schools
user iconShirleen HillHardin Public Schools
user iconKathy HirstProject ParticipantAshland Public Schools
user iconMiranda HollowProject ParticipantCharlo Middle School
user iconRonda HowlettProject ParticipantArlee Elementary
user iconJessica HughesProject ParticipantArlee Elementary
user iconDora HugsProject ParticipantSt. Charles Mission School
user iconLorey JacksonProject ParticipantPablo Elementary
user iconCheryl JeffersonProject ParticipantSt. Charles Mission School
user iconMichelle JeffersonProject ParticipantPretty Eagle Catholic School