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Video Hall

Video Hall

The 2019 STEM for All Video Showcase: “Innovations in STEM Education”, showcases innovative work to broaden participation and access to STEM. We invite you to browse the showcase, view the videos and read the informative discussions related to each video.

Below we feature MSP and STEM+C videos, but you can view all 242 videos here:

Title: Highlights of Alliance for Physics Excellence at Alabama A&M

Presenter(s): Mohan Aggarwal & Dianne Kirnes

Title: Carbon TIME: A Research-Practice Partnership Project

Presenter(s): Charles Anderson

Title: MC2 Summer MathLab

Presenter(s): Wanda Bulger-Tamez, Kathe Kanim, Lisa Matthews, & Terri Sainz

Title: Action Fractions at Integrating Math & CT at Grades 3 & 4

Presenter(s): Diana Franklin, Maya Israel, & Carla Strickland

Title: iEvolve with STEM: The Ripple Effect

Presenter(s): W. Midden & Judith Steiner

Title: AMP-IT-UP: Inspiring Middle School Teachers in STEM

Presenter(s): Marion Usselman, Meltem Alemdar, Douglas Edwards, Jessica Gale, Sabrina Grossman, Jayma Koval, Jeremy Lingle, Sunni Newton, Jeff Rosen, & Mike Ryan

Title: ESCAPE Through Integrating Arts and Science

Presenter(s): Brad Hughes, Sage Andersen, Maureen Burns, & Joseph Wong

Title: Innovators Developing Accessible Tools for Astronomy

Presenter(s): Kate Meredith, Bret Feranchak, Santiago Gasca, Alexandra Grossi, Kathy Gustavson, Jim Hammerman, Eric Hochberg, Tim Spuck, & Annie Wilson

Title: Discover Digital Forensics

Presenter(s): Daryl Pfeif, Eoghan Casey, Karen Peterson, & Cassy Soden

Title: Video in the Middle Online Mathematics PD

Presenter(s): Nanette Seago, Cathy Carrol, Elizabet Dyer, & Angela Knotts

Title: Studying Teachers' Mathematical Habits of Mind

Presenter(s): Sarah Sword, Eden Badertscher, Al Cuoco, Miriam Gates, Ryota Matsuura, & Glenn Stevens